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My cats:  Dennis, Oscar, and Annie
Everybody loves kitties.

I haven't updated my online biography since about 1997. I must apologize; I haven't put much work into this site lately. People tell me they've actually been reading that moldy old personal info; I shudder to think what impression they're getting (starting with that horrific oxidized-avocado background color).

You've got to admit, that bio's kinda a rudimentary, 1997 sort of way. Consider it a time capsule. My resume is also hopelessly out of date and inaccurate, so maybe just ignore the conveniently-provided link if you would.

Y'know, even the salary I'm pulling down at the good ol' University of Minnesota Office of Admissions hasn't seen much change since 1997. Oh, I kid.

Host of the Infernal Singalong Machine karaoke experience, which may be found at Grumpy's Roseville on Tuesday nights, and the Acadia Cafe on Wednesday nights.

Cosmic Slop:  The Forgotten Pop of the Seventies

One of the hosts of Cosmic Slop, the beloved pop-music archaelogy extravaganza on 770 Radio K.

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Webmaster of the University of Minnesota Office of Admissions and its environs.

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