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Bronco was a British group who had two albums released in the US on Island records. The first was released in about 1970 called Ace of Sunlight. Their second album was called Country Home, released a year later. The same five hippies are on both albums - Jess Roden, Kevyn Gammond, Robbie Blunt, John Pasternak, and Pete Robinson. Jess Roden was the lead singer and had a brief solo career as some kind of a big band crooner. Don't think his solo stuff was released in the US.

Ace of Sunlight was a moody country rock album with song titles such as "Time Slips Away", "Some Uncertainty", "Discernible", and "Joys and Fears". Was not a big fan of their second album.

At the time the Bronco albums were released, Island records was new to the US. A lot of Island's better stuff (FREE, Fairport Convention, etc.) had been licensed to other US labels such as A&M. Some of those early Island releases such as Nick Drake can still be found in Tower Records. Bronco never had the cult following and never sold any records.

Our Prog Rock Corner selection for 10/13/96 was "Love", Bronco's contribution to the 1970 Double-LP compilation, Bumpers.

-David Greene

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Our impression of "Love":

Whoa. Pretty soporific. Honestly, there's probably good reason this group disappeared without a trace twenty-five years ago. Mellow, proto-Kitaro sort of stuff, with noodly King Crimson overtones.

Thanks to David Greene for telling us more about Bronco! We were stumped...

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